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Huayi electric power provided technical support for a wind power project of a power company in Hebei


On December 2nd, our technical staff received the invitation of technical support for the wind power project of an important customer, an electric power company in Hebei, and immediately set out to Saihanba where countless seniors had devoted their youth.

Because it was winter, there were no green mountains and water, only snow and cold. Go to the customer project department and customer technical responsible person on the series resonant use of some problems in a simple exchange, then go to the mountain, to the site to see the use of the situation.

Braving the low temperature of more than 20 degrees below zero on the mountain, the test equipment such as reactor, excitation transformer, voltage divider and frequency conversion control power supply is arranged. Because of the low temperature, my hands froze in the wind. The customer had a 6km cable, which was unable to complete the test due to overcurrent protection. Under the guidance of my technical personnel, the rated test voltage could be reached by modifying the resonant frequency and amplifying the current, and the test could be completed in five minutes with voltage withstand.

Through the analysis, a site by cable for aluminum, resonant point in the process of booster than copper cable more susceptible, the booster to about the test voltage rating, there will be a low voltage high voltage cannot rise up phenomenon, now need to fine tune the output frequency to booster, obvious effect, and the load current is slightly lower, that because of the influence of aluminum cable resonance frequency happened after the voltage offset, can be adjusted to normal test conditions.

After the completion of the test and customer technical personnel on other equipment in-depth exchange and discussion, lifted the doubts in mind, just returned. Although it is a world of ice and snow, but cannot stop us a dedicated heart for customer service, no matter what the environment, customer demand is the goal we have been pursuing!

Customers are satisfied with the quality of our after-sales service and express their gratitude. Over the years, the after-sales service of Huayi Electric Power has been widely praised. We will live up to our expectations and continue to provide customers with better products and technical services.