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"Huayi Service " goes deep into the field of electric power test


After receiving the invitation from jiangsu customers, our technical staff immediately left for Huaian to provide relevant equipment technical training for customers,after communication with the relevant personnel of the customer, the customer's needs are basically understood. The purpose of this after-sales service is to do annual maintenance for the photovoltaic power station.The test involves our main equipment: XZB-540kVA/270kV variable frequency resonance test system, transformer winding resistance tester, transformer onload tap switch tester, 3 phase DC resistance tester, ZGS-200kV/5mA DC hipot tester, CT PT analyzer, tan delta tester, microcomputer protection relay tester. After getting off the bus, our technical staff quickly arrived at the site. This time, our technical staff mainly cooperated with customers to standardize the use of test equipment and test methods, which was also a check and acceptance of our equipment. The main test objects are 110kV main transformer, GIS switch, current and voltage transformer, zinc oxide lightning arrester and secondary equipment.

After the demonstration to the customer, let the customer do the actual operation, from wiring to instrument parameter setting, automatic test, manual test, let the customer understand the operation, answer the customer's questions. Make sure that the customer has really mastered the use of our equipment and matters needing attention.Our after-sales staff and other staff after up to 8 hours of testing, all are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the preventive test procedures for electrical equipment to complete the maintenance work

After a night of technical communication, our company's instruments are in normal use, complete accessories, well-packed, the field instrument test results are accurate, in line with customer requirements. This time the customer is very satisfied with the after-sales service, and we express our high appreciation.