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75kVA/25 kV Adjustable inductance series resonance test system


 75kVA/25 kV Adjustable inductance series resonance test system

I Test object

1、 10kV/20MW Power frequency AC voltage withstand test for hydraulic generatorThe maximum test voltage shall not exceed 23kVSingle-phase capacitance to earth 0.3uF

II Main technical parameters and functions of the system

1. rated capacity:75kVA

2. rated voltage:25kV

3. rated current:3A

4. working frequency:power frequency 50Hz

5. Output voltage waveform distortion rate:≤0.5%

6. Continuous working hours are allowed:Under rated load 5min

7. Temperature rise after continuous operation under rated load for 5min≤65K

8. Unit quality factor:Q10

9. System measurement accuracy:effective value 1.5

10. input power:three phase 380V50Hz

11. Overcurrent, overpressure and flashover protection are provided for the tested products;

12. environment temperature:-10 50 ℃,relative humidity:≤90%RHaltitude1000m

 III Main features and functions of the device

1. Counter overvoltage and transmit overvoltage protection:The device is equipped with proper connection mode, perfect protection link and progressive absorption of energyProtect against overvoltage and overvoltage. It has been proved by many years' practice in the field that the test product can avoid the complete test equipment and the personnel in the field from being harmed and threatened by overvoltage when flasking or breakdown, at the same time, it can avoid the failure point of the tested product not expanding the damage after flashover or breakdown.

2. Small size, light weight, easy to install and handle, simple wiring, very suitable for the operation of on-site users.

3. The main functions of the adjustable inductance resonance device are as follows:

1Direct reading function of reactor core clearanceThe device is installed on the reactor clearance observation hole, the clearance of the iron core can be read directly to guide the operation, in addition, the clearance limit switch and indication are installed.

2Voltage withstand time to automatic buck functionVoltage time using digital display timer. And when the withstand voltage time is reached, the system will automatically buck3 Zero closing, zero rise and boost functionWith zero limit function, if the voltage regulator is not at zero, the high-voltage output button cannot be closed to ensure that the system rises from zero.

4 Overcurrent protection function: the system is equipped with electromagnetic overcurrent relay, which has strong anti-interference ability and fast action to avoid the current damage of the test product.