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HUAYI electric resumed production from COVID-19


HUAYI electric resumed production from 27th March after unlock because of COVID-19. During that period, almost all companies and businesses faced huge challenges affected by COVID-19, The development of national economy is put on hold, especially in foreign trade export this respect, go hardest.

In order to stimulate consumption, the government issued vouchers to wuhan citizens, hope to boost domestic demand and restore the market economy。But what is more important in foreign trade is the continuous efforts and self-salvation of enterprises and groups themselves.

HUAYI electric power in the current situation, all departments unite and work together, even during the Weekend May Day holiday overtime, overcome difficulties, improve efficiency and increase production, in the efforts of all staff, finally overcome the difficulties, achieved good result.

the production department of HUAYI Power is now increasing production and volume every day. After the unlock, the group leader is assigned to each group leader.

The key to improving efficiency of production department is the accuracy of production plan. In order to arrange the production plan reasonably, the production manager takes the initiative to communicate with the sales supervisor every day, analyze the market situation comprehensively, focus production in hot market, promote the continuity of production, and maximize the production efficiency