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HUAYI Attracts Foreign Customers to Sign Contracts Since its Name is Widely Spread Overseas


With the accelerating pace of global economic integration, HUAYI is fully prepared to integrate into the international environment. As a leading brand in electrical measurement industry, HUAYI has been committed to developing overseas markets. The company always adheres to the goal of high-quality products, satisfactory service and reasonable price, pay attention to all steps of production, quality inspection, sales as well as service. At present, high-voltage power testing equipments of HUAYI enjoy high reputation in Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Nepal and other countries.

In the mid of July, HUAYI received two foreign guests from Nepal. The employees expressed their warm welcome to the overseas customers. The departments of foreign trade and technology are responsible for the reception. Accompanied by HUAYI staff, they visited the R&D center, samples showroom, production test area and office of HUAYI. During the visit, Manager Kong introduced the basic information, development history, product classification and innovative ideas of HUAYI The customers were interested in communicating with the staff when they noticed the precision instruments displayed in the sample exhibition hall.

HUAYI has arranged a batch of test equipments for an Indonesian hydropower station. The factory test has been completed, and the customers have also come to HUAYI to check and accept them. They compared many other products with HUAYI, finally chose us. HUAYI have won the trust of customers by professional communication and powerful R&D capacity. The products we provided for Indonesia customers including XZB(L)-180kVA/30kV inductive series resonant withstand voltage devices, HYFZ-H generator rotors, AC impedance testers, ZGS-60kV/5mA DC high voltage generators and JDC-1 insulation resistance testers, they will be applied to the commissioning test of the customer's hydroelectric generators. Later, our after-sales personnel will go to the gemba to guide installation and training, HUAYI will continue to explore international market.

HUAYI is a professional electric power equipment (repair, test) enterprise in China. It specializes in the test requirements of different voltages and customizes electrical test products with different configurations.

HUAYI is skilled in the research and development of high-voltage electrical testing equipments and various instruments! It provides service for 24 hours: 400-060-1718. Learn more about HUAYI, please visit our website: www.wh-huayi.com.