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HUAYI Reached Technical Cooperation with Tsinghua University


Augest is very hot in Wuhan, the market of HUAYI is also booming. With high-quality product, excellent technical team and perfect service system, HUAYI has successfully reached technical cooperation with Tsinghua University. After exchanging with engineer Li, who works at the research and development department in HUAYI , the R&D department of HUAYI, Tsinghua university agreed to reach cooperation between schools and enterprises. Immediately, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement for DC high voltage generator.

The Department of Electrical Engineering (EEA) of Tsinghua University, founded in 1932, is one of the three earliest engineering departments established by Tsinghua University. In 1989, the former three majors of power system automation, high voltage technology and electrical engineering were merged into a major of "electrical engineering and automation", which was listed in the national specialty recommendation catalogue. This discipline became the first batch of the key discipline and the doctoral degrees conferring unit of first-level disciplines. It has kept the first or A+ in the past national evaluation of disciplines. The Department of Electric Engineering (EEA) has the State Key Laboratory for Safety Control and Simulation of Power System and Large Power Generation Equipment.

Unlike the negative DC high-voltage generator used in conventional power systems, the customized DC high-voltage generator (ZGS-200kV/3mA DC high-voltage generator) of Tsinghua University requires positive voltage output, and the output voltage and current accuracy are more than 0.5%, ripple factor is better than 0.3% and can be operated for a long time.

After repeated tests of internal overvoltage protection, internal over-current protection, internal power protection, external setting overvoltage protection, external over-current protection, breakdown protection and zero protection, they passed successfully, the ZGS-200kV/3mA DC high voltage generator, which is fully compliant with the requirements, the order will be shipped soon.

In the future, HUAYI will continue to strengthen cooperation with universities, contribute to China's education and scientific research, as well as industrialize the frontier technology of universities.

Since 2005, HUAYI has always adhered to the concept of innovation and enterprising, and rewarded the society with high-quality products and services. We have been focusing on power transmission and distribution, improving product quality and power distribution automatic technology, guaranteeing customer. We strive to expand the company scale, enhance labor productivity, strengthen brand building and maintenance, and build a competitive enterprise to create more value for customers from all over the world. We will contribute to the society with prudent approach, sincere service and first-class products. 

HUAYI is a professional electric power equipment (repair, test) enterprise in China. It specializes in the test requirements of different voltages and customizes electrical test products with different configurations.

HUAYI is skilled in the research and development of high-voltage electrical testing equipments and various instruments! It provides service for 24 hours: 400-060-1718. Learn more about HUAYI, please visit our website: www.wh-huayi.com.