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HUAYI Upgraded the Series Resonant withstand Voltage Test Device

On 13th July, the XZB series resonant high voltage withstand test device was successfully upgraded by HUAYI in Wuhan, it got praise from our customers. The products abandoned the shortcoming, and they will bring a revolution for the development of the power manufacturing industry in China.

What is the surprise of the upgraded XZB series resonant withstand voltage test device? Let ‘s have a look.       


  1. Fast scanning speed
  2. High precision of resonance points
  3. Excellent repeatability of resonance points 
  4. Wide scanning range
The series resonant withstand voltage device mainly applies to AC withstand voltage test of cross-linked cable, hydroelectric generator, main transformer, busbar, GIS and so on. It is suitable for the connect and preventive trial of large-capacity, high-voltage capacitive samples, and widely used. It is an ideal pressure-resistant equipment for high-voltage test departments and power installation and repair engineering units.

How do experts comment on the upgraded XZB series resonant withstand voltage tester?

Director Yao (Zhejiang Institute of Electrical Technology)

Zhejiang Institute of electrical technology and HUAYI have carried out long-term, comprehensive and deep research on high-quality power testing equipment, and made major breakthroughs, which can meet the needs of series resonance and replace import products. 

Director Chen (Zhejiang Institute of Metrology)

The products meet the requirements of all series resonance, high speed, high precision and high repeatability, they can replace import products, so amazing! Give a like to HUAYI.

As a research and development company of China, HUAYI aims to create glory of power research, it constantly strive for excellence, create value for customers, and forge ahead.

For more than a decade, HUAYI has frequently exchanged with many power units, and obtained a number of certificates. Today, HUAYI Power has launched the XZB --series resonant withstand voltage test device, which has once again brought breakthroughs for the development of the power industry!

HUAYI is a professional electric power equipment (repair, test) enterprise in China. It specializes in the test requirements of different voltages and customizes electrical test products with different configurations.

HUAYI is skilled in the research and development of high-voltage electrical testing equipments and various instruments! It provides service for 24 hours: 400-060-1718. Learn more about HUAYI, please visit our website: www.wh-huayi.com.