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Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. Delivered HUAYI's Products to Nepal


After preparing for half a month, the order from Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co. was successfully delivered on time , which included 150KVA voltage regulator, XZB(L)-180kVA/30kV inductive series resonant voltage device , JDC-1 insulation resistance tester, QJ23A single bridges, QJ44 double bridges, HYFZ-H generator rotor AC impedance testers and ZGS-60kV/5mA DC high voltage generators.


Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. is a state-level construction enterprise, established in 1965, formerly known as the second engineering office of Zhejiang water conservancy and hydropower engineering bureau. The company was renamed as Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. after its restructuring in June 2000, with a registered capital of 201.96 million RMB. The company has level-I water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level-I, port and waterway construction general contracting level-I, base and foundation project specialized contracting level-II, bridge project specialized contracting level-II, port and coastal engineering specialized contracting level-II and blasting design and construction, safety supervision level-III (referring to the blasting operation department license) and other qualifications. At present, the company has more than 400 engineering and economic professionals, more than 40 senior professional technicians, more than 100 first-level and second-level registered constructors, and more than 50 professional managers.   

The devices are used for testing of hydropower project in Nepal.

HUAYI always adheres to the operation principle of technological innovation, pioneering and customer-oriented. It aims to provide quality products and services to customers and contribute to power industry. With its comprehensive strength, advanced technology, standardized management and first-class service, HUAYI has won the trust and praise of more and more customers.

HUAYI is a professional electric power equipment (repair, test) enterprise in China. It specializes in the test requirements of different voltages and customizes electrical test products with different configurations.

HUAYI specializes in the research and development of high-voltage electrical testing equipments and various instruments! It provides service for 24 hours: 400-060-1718. Learn more about HUAYI, please visit our website: www.wh-huayi.com.