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HUAYI Provides after-sales Service for TGOOD


In early June, after-sales personnel from HUAYI rushed to Shandong when they received the invitation from TGOOD. On the evening of June 10th, they arrived in Qingdao, where TGOOD is located. After contacting engineer Mou, they decided to start the theory and practice training of equipments on the next day.

On the second day, with the leading of engineer Mou, our colleagues and personnel from TGOOD arranged professional operating site, and began to carry out theoretical training. The main training instruments of TGOOD are purchased from HUAYI, including ZGS-200kV/3mA DC high voltage generator, XZB-500kVA/200kV variable frequency series resonance experimental set, JS-H high voltage dielectric loss tester (capacitor accuracy 0.5%), HZCDP-80kV ultra low frequency withstand voltage tester, ZZS-10A transformer DC resistance tester, HZYHX zinc oxide arrester resistive current tester, HZYZ-2000 transformer winding deformation tester, HZDD-10A grounding continuity test Instrument, HZDW-5A transformer volt-ampere characteristic tester and other instruments.

Background: TGOOD was established on March 16, 2004, it is a corporate enterprise of Sino-German a national high-tech enterprise. It was successfully listed in October 2009 and became the first share of GEM. The stock code is 300001. The registered capital of TGOOD is 200.4 million RMB, and total assets is 1.89 billion RMB. The company covers an area of 720 acres, with a total construction area of 124,000 square meters; the annual design box has a capacity of 5,000 units, and the annual designed output value is 2 billion RMB. 

Live test: 1. Transformer winding deformation tester. According to the measurement of the winding characteristic parameters in transformers, HUAYI adopts the internal fault frequency response analysis (FRA) method explored by developed countries, so as to make an accurate judgment for internal fault of the transformer.  

Overview of wiring method: The transformer winding deformation tester is composed of a main measuring unit and a notebook computer, three dedicated measuring cables in parallel, a measuring clip and a grounding wire. The main measuring unit system and the test sample are connected by 50 high frequency coaxial cable, sweep frequency signal goes through the output port (excitation output), and the signal clip (yellow) injects signal into the tested object by connecting cable; the signal is taken from the tested object by signal clip (green), and transmitted by cables (response input); the synchronous reference signal is obtained from the tested object injection point by the signal measurement, and transmitted to the input (reference input) via cables. The shield of the tested case and the testing cable must be reliably connected and grounded. The wire and fuel tank of large transformer are usually connected by iron-core earthing bushing, as common ground points, transformer case is grounded. 

After the training of HZYZ-2000 transformer winding deformation tester, our colleagues continued to introduce the theory of ZGS-200kV/3mA DC high voltage generator, XZB-500kVA/200kV inverter series resonance experimental set, JS-H high voltage dielectric loss tester (capacitance accuracy 0.5 %), HZCDP-80kV ultra-low frequency withstand voltage tester, ZZS-10A transformer DC resistance tester, HZYHX zinc oxide arrester resistive current tester, HZDD-10A grounding continuity tester, HZDW-5A transformer volt-ampere characteristic testing instrument and other instruments, they also explained on-site practical training, use of the instrument and precautions.  

With five days communication between HUAYI and TGOOD, instruments of our company was running normally, the accessories were complete, and testing results were accurate, all of them met the customer's requirements. At the same time, TGOOD approved the explanation of equipments’ technical essential and praised our professional after-sales service of HUAYI, they are very satisfied with the instruments.