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CI-H Automatic Capacitance Current Tester (PT open Triangle)
Apply to: solving the problem of the measurement of field high voltage shunt capacitor Banks in substations. Output part can withstand 100V AC voltage, avoiding the interference signal of 50Hz power frequency. Safe, simple, fast.

CI-H tester measure the capacitive current of power distribution network directly from the secondary side of PT. Compared with traditional measuring method, it is not need to contact with primary side to avoid the test danger, instead of complicate security measures and waiting for long dispatch command, the capacitive current can be measured simply by connecting the measuring wire to the open triangular end of the PT. Since the weak different frequency test signal is injected from the triangle of PT opening, it will not affect relay protection and PT, avoiding 50Hz power frequency interference signal. Meanwhile, the output end of the tester can withstand the 100V AC voltage. If the single-phase grounding fault occurs during the measurement, the PT and the tester will not be damaged, thus no need special security measures, make it safe, simple, fast and the test result is accurate, reliable, and stable. 


1.    CI-H tester measure the capacitive current of power distribution network directly from the secondary side of PT.

2.    Easy to operate without complicate security measure, safe, simple and fast.

3.    Equipped with large screen LCD display, friendly interface.

4.    Small volume, light weight, convenient to carry on in field.

5.    Simple wiring, fast test, accurate data. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of test personnel and improve the work efficiency.


Measurement range Total capacitance to ground ≤120μF(three phases to ground)
Capacitive current ≤500 A(35kv system)
Capacitive current ≤200 A(10kv system)
Measurement accuracy 0.5μF~5μF ±10%±50d
5μF~90μF ±5%
90μF~120μF ±10%
Working temperature -10~50℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Working power AC 220V ± 10% ,50 Hz ± 1%
Dimension 310×300×170(mm)
Weight 10 kg


Serial number Name Amout
1  Mainframe
2  Power line
3 Voltage output line one
4 4m ground lead
5 3.15A fuse
6 Specification
7 Inspection Report
8 Certification

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