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SC-2000B Portable DC Ground Fault Detector
Apply to measurement of DC system at any voltage level. adapted widely: used in any type of power plants, substations, coal mines, chemical plants and other power supply departments. Multiple voltage levels: DC system 220V/110V/48V/24V.

SC-2000B is a new-generation tester. It can be adapted to DC system at any voltage level, equipped with high accurate test clamping meter, improve the test range and anti-jamming capability through effectively processing multiple signals. Adopts excellent algorithm and advanced fuzzy control theory, expressed the advantage of tested insulation branch with the data. It can exactly judge the location of grounding point and can indicate the location and direction of grounding point in every time detection. This device takes system safety as the first premise, test with reliable low-frequency signal, and without any impact to system. SC-2000B tester is applied to search the grounding point exactly of DC system of Power plant, substation without power failure. Regardless of various type of grounding fault, it can fast search the grounding point, and accuracy rate up to 100%.


1. Easy to operate,

2. Safe and reliable.

3. Applicable voltage levels are many.

4. Applicable range is wide.

5. Portable, signal receiver has battery, no need external power supply, can be taken anywhere to search grounding point.

6. Search grounding point without power failure in DC system, and don’t affect the normal operation of the system.

7. With strong anti-interference ability, overcome the influence of distributed capacitance of the system.

8. Intelligent charging management can reduce charging time and extend battery life.


Signal generator
Frequency of output signal 2.5Hz
Signal no-load output voltage ±20V±5%
Signal voltage amplitude error <5%
Signal short circuit output current ≤80mA
Impact resistance of export 400V DC impulse
 voltage of Power supply AC220V±10%
Voltage frequency 50Hz±5%
Input the insurance 200mA
Max power 3W
Dimension 300mm×270mm×200mm
Signal receiver
Sensitivity of signal current detection 0.5mA
Signal generator resistance 40KΩ
Max output current 2.5mA
Receiver display Digital 0-19
Dimension 210mm×100mm×32mm
A size of clamp open Φ50mm
B size of clamp open Φ7mm×9mm
Complete machine
Test for maximum ground resistance 300KΩ
Ground resistance measurement accuracy 0-4.5KΩ error≤0.5KΩ; 4.5KΩ-300KΩ error≤10%

Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Signal generator one
2 Signal receivor one
3 A absorbing clamp one
4 B absorbing clamp one
5 Test line (3m) one
6 Power line one


8 Alumimum box one
9 Specification
10 Inspection Report
11 Certification

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