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BNZ-V Touch Screen Digital Battery Internal Resistance Tester
Apply to measuring the voltage and internal resistance of two ends of battery though advanced AC discharge test method.
BNZ-V  is a new generation of battery tester with touch-screen. It is strictly designed to evaluate and maintain all stationary power systems including Uninterruptible Power System. 
Via accurate testing of resistance and voltage, it gives an indication of battery capacity and technical status. The measurement data can be read on the instrument display directly. And it can also be uploaded to PC simply by using the USB drive. With the analyzing software, you could not only keep a record of the testing result but also have detailed analyzing for the status of batteries in different testing conditions.
1.Wide test range: 5~6000Ah, compatible for single cell of 2V, 6V and 12V. 
2.Smart and portable hand-held device, rugged and easy-to-go.
3.Colorful touch screen with optional operations of keyboard.
4.Simultaneously test for voltage, resistance and estimated capacity of batteries.
5.Online measurement, no need to remove battery and string from its system for testing, safe and convenient.
6.Fast testing for battery and string in seconds with testing data auto saving.
7.Strong anti-interference in high current with stable and accurate performance.  
8.Testing frequency lower than10 Hz, effectively avoid interference from capacitive resistance of battery itself.
9.Direct USB drive for software update and data transfer to PC for further analyzing.
10.Powerful PC management software, convenient for data storage and analyzing.
11.Big memory for testing data storage of more than 3000 cells.  
12.Buzzer Alarm Function and over voltage protection, secure to use. 
13.Auto-calibration function before testing, enhancing the testing accuracy.
14.Retest and compensation function: any faulty operation or omission could be retested simply with one click.
15.Referenced data inside memory for the comparison of your test, and self-defined reference values are available.

Measurement range Internal resistance:0.0mΩ~100mΩ voltage:0.000V~16V
Min measurement resolution Internal resistance:0.01 mΩ voltage:1mV
Measurement accuracy Internal resistance:±2.0%rdg±6dgt voltage:±0.2%rdg±6dgt
Display 240×320 24bit 4.6 inch TFT LCD + touch screen
Dimension 190×100×30mm3
Weight 0.5KG
Capacity 16M byte FLASH
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery, can work for 5 ~ 6 hours at full charge
External power AC100~240V/DC8.4V-1A Power adapter/charger
Communication interface USB(insert U flash drive)

Serial Number
Name Amount
1 Mainframe one
2 Charger one
3 Test fixture one
4 USB connection one
5 USB flash disk
6 Instrument bang one
7 Specification
8 Inspection report
9 Certification
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